Smiles say it all

Smiles say it all

LOTS of smiles on Saturday after most of the teams secured good wins over Portarlington. Well done to C grade for notching up their first win of the season.
Don’t forget next weekend Sat 22nd May all of the netballers will be playing at home against Drysdale (no football as they play an Interleague match). This will be a great chance for the footballers to come and support the netball girls. Juniors start at 9am and Seniors at 12 noon so come along to Draper Street and cheer the girls on.
Britt & Katie are doing a great job organising the social events. The Rotating Dinner and Reverse Raffle were a great success for the club. Upcoming events are:
Sun 30th May – Family Day & Silent Auction.
Tues 25th May – Read the Play – 15 & Under Netballers 6pm
Sat 26th June – Grubbers Dress Up Night – dress up as something starting with “G”.
Sat 24th July – Ladies day luncheon at the Football rooms.
Family day
Sunday 30th May – Lots of activities have been organised to run during the day. Silent Auction, netball & football clinics, Netballers v Footballers netball match, face painting, jumping castle, cake stall & BBQ etc. Drinks will be available at bar prices. Everyone from the community is welcome (not just Club members) & don’t forget auction items are needed for the Silent Auction. If you can donate something please see Britt Long or Katie Geerings.
Program for the day:
10.30am – 11.30am – Junior Football Clinic (run by senior footballers)
10.30am – 11.30am – Junior Netball Clinic (run by senior netballers)
12 noon -12.45pm – Footballers v Netballers netball match
12.30pm – 2.30pm – Silent Auction
Results from Round 5 v Anglesea
A Grade: Ang 52 d OG 44 Best: M. Teague-Neeld, S. Wilkens
B Grade: Ang 46 d OG 34 Best: T. Birch, K. Geerings
C Grade: Ang 32 d OG 20 Best: E. Burgess, K. Marchbank
D Grade: Ang 37 d OG 12 Best: J. Doherty, N. Farquharson
19 & U: Ang 29 d OG 28 Best: M. Griffin, M. Murray
17 & U Div1: Ang 39 d OG 17 Best: L. Ollis, S. Hackett, J. Morris
17 & U Div 2: Ang 40 d OG 15 Best: Team Effort
15 & U Div 1: OG 40 d Ang 13 Best: J. Bennett, A. Teague-Neeld
15 & U Div 2: OG 35 d New 10 Best: B.Wymess, E. Trower
13 & U Div 1: OG 35 d Ang 7 Best: N. Le Maistre, K. Patten
13 & U Div 2: OG 41 d Ang 5 Best: B. Walder, M. Badrock
11 & U: OG d Ang Best: C. Sanders, T. Stapleton
Results Round 6 v Portarlington
A Grade: OG 61 d Port 36 Best: L. Teague-Neeld, S. Wilkens
B Grade: OG 49 d Port 18 Best : K. Geerings, S. Degenaro
C Grade: OG 30 d Port 12 Best: E. Burgess, B. Barry
D Grade: Port 29 d OG 18 Best: L. Hocking, K. Mason
19 & U: Port 30 d OG 25 Best: M. Morris, C. Wesols
17s & U Div 1: OG 36 d Port 12 Best: E. Bolton, E. Doolan, S. Hackett
17 & U Div 2: Port 21 d OG 15 Best: B. Stevens, J. Duckett
15 & U Div 1: OG 47 d Port 11 Best: K. Ollis, L.Ellis
15 & U Div 2: OG 24 d Port 23 Best: B. Watson, A. Gibbs
13 & U Div 1: OG 30 d Port 11 Best: P. Woolhouse, H. Owen
13 & U Div 2: OG 27 d Port 1 Best: M.Goodger, A. King
11 & U: OG 25 d Port 5 Best: T. Payne, A. McElligott
Kardinia Friday Night Teams
After a few weeks of netball we have had some changes with our Peninsula and Kardinia teams. Our U11 Peninsula Team have decided to join the Friday night Kardinia Competition for a more challenging competition. The U11 will play in the U13 division and our U13 will go up to U15 Div 4 and our U15 will go up to Div 3. This will ensure the girls will be playing in competitions more suited to their standard and we thank the parents for supporting these moves. Good luck to all the girls. Hopefully the rain will hold off for a few weeks!
14th May results;
13 & U – OG 3 lost Geel West 29 - S. Bastiaan, E. Gannon, l. Bruckner
15 & U Div 4 – OG 19 d St Albans 13 – J.Walters, J. El Hage
15 & U Div 3 – OG 11 lost to Torquay 26 – Best: Team effort
BDNA Rep Teams
Mixed success at Waverley with U19 and U17 winning their sections. This Sunday the Rep teams head to Ballarat for their next round of competition. Good luck to all of our representatives. Best wishes to Alice Teague- Neeld who is vying for State selection in the Victorian Secondary Schools Netball team. A great effort by one of our most talented junior netballers.
Upcoming matches
Sat 22nd May – Home v Drysdale - Netball Only
Sat 29th May – Away v Queenscliff
Sat 5th June – Home v Torquay
Sat 12th June – No netball – Long Wk/end.

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    Love you’re good work with involving the community and sharing their achievements, if you need volunteere id be happy to help.
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