Grove wins bridge battle

Grove wins bridge battle

SURFING’S annual Battle of the Bridge was won by Ocean Grove at Thirteenth Beach on Saturday.

The Thirteenth Beach Boardriders gathered at the club’s prime wave Beacon to enjoy the large swell and light winds on offer as Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads geared up to do battle.

Featuring each town’s top ranked surfer and kicking off proceedings was the power heat. In the blue and representing Barwon Heads was Shawn Todd whose powerful attack proved too good for Ocean Grove surfer Josh Johnson-Baxter.

Barwon Heads duo Bronson Field and Will Dickson were quick to consolidate on the Headers’ early lead, accounting for Ocean Grove’s Elliot Gray and Declan Bradley with ease in the first heat of the pairs division.

In the second pairs heat Ocean Grove’s Kyle Barr combined with on-fire goofy footer Danny Dales-Sutton to earn back some lost ground with a victory over Billy Harrison and Sam Harris.

As Ocean Grove moved within striking distance, the points up for grabs in the club’s infamous milk run became vital with just the tag team left to play. Competitors in the event are required to run 100 metres, skoll a litre of milk before a 100 metre return sprint to the finish line.

Club president Elliot Gray turned on some impressive drinking skills to clinch victory form an equally gallant Will Bowers.

With scores locked up heading into the tag team it was well and truly any town’s game.

The OG Royals, consisting of Simon Collier, Ben Collier, Gus Harfield, Greg Basset, Elise Renzenbrink, Rob Petho and Cameron Drake proved far too classy for the inexperienced Barwon Heads team of Dick Field, Mark Hutson, Henry Hutchins, Tom Harrison, Tom Carrol, Ash Wall and Mac Taylor.

The boardriders schedule remains active throughout autumn with the last aggregate comp of the season on May 3.

Story by James Jacobi

Picture by Gary Stephens

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