Netball court fury

Netball court fury

LOCAL residents have actioned a petition against the selling of the Ocean Grove Netball Reserve.

The group of Ocean Grovers are gathering signatures of like minded residents who are also wanting to make the reserve a parkland and not for a space for residential use.

“We are thinking long term. We need to preserve as much of old Ocean Grove as possible. We need to look ahead for the next 100 years,” local resident Evan Hardie explained.

The group didn’t know the petition was a necessary step until a week ago.

“We are wanting the City of Greater Geelong to defer the proposals to rezone and sell the land until after the Open Space Strategy and Policy is reviewed in consultation with the community,” Mr Hardie said.

“The council has initiated an amendment to the Planning Scheme because it wants to sell the land. It considers residential development to be the most appropriate use of the land,” Mr Hardie continued. The consideration of the Amendement C200 will be held at a meeting on July 8, where the petition will be handed over. “So far we have around 100 signatures and they are growing,” Mr Hardie added. Council did not respond before the Voice went to print. For more information, contact Evan Hardie on 5255 2862.

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