Roos just too good

Roos just too good

OCEAN GROVE packed the picnic lunch and travelled down the highway to take on Anglesea.  Grove A grade couldn’t close the gap on the Anglesea side and went down by nine goals.

A grade Ocean Grove 31 vs Anglesea 40  Best: B. Friend, K. Ollis, A. Durling

A Grade started slowly against the Seas and were trailing by five at half-time and seven at three quarter time going down in the end by nine. Bec Friend and Allison Durling were covering the centre area trying to slow the Anglesea scoring and Kelsey Ollis and Candice Parker were defending every shot.

B grade Ocean Grove  37 vs Anglesea  46 Best: T. Sinnott, M. Goodger, T. Birch

B grade tried different combinations to overcome the Anglesea side to no avail. Tahlia Sinnott carves it up on the wing week in, week out, along with goalers, under 17 player Maddy Goodger and Tina Birch.

C grade Ocean Grove  24 vs Anglesea  38 Best A. Binns, K. Carroll,  K. Collett

The C girls tried their best but the margin kept growing throughout the game. Amber Binns was active in the centre along with Kim Carroll in the goalring and Kylie Collett in defence.

D grade Ocean Grove  21 vs Anglesea 17 Best: R. Mayor, K. Burden, K. Ferrier

D grade hung onto this determined win with a gutsy effort from all girls.  Rachael Mayor, Kylie Ferrier and Kirrilly Burden were instrumental in their positions.

19U Ocean Grove  44 vs Anglesea 22  Best: K. Boswell, B. Wemyss, M. Babb

17U-1 Ocean Grove  27 vs Anglesea  28  Best: M. Goodger, P. Woolhouse, M. Badrock

17U-2 Ocean Grove  47 vs Anglesea 2  Best: S. Page, K. Peatling, O. Duhamel

15U-1 Ocean Grove  40 vs Anglesea  15 Best: A. Badrock, C. Britt, B. King.Read the Play Round ball winner E. Moroney.

15U-2 Ocean Grove  38 vs Anglesea  4 Best: team effort. Read the Play Round ball winner M. Giblin.

13U-1 Ocean Grove  23 vs Anglesea  31 Best: J. Connellan, N. Page, I. Teague

13U-2 Ocean Grove  35 vs Anglesea  0 Best: E. Winter, M. Mills, K. Reid

11U-1 Ocean Grove girls played a great game.

Kardinia Park 6 June

13u-3 Ocean Grove 9 vs Torquay 4 Best: M. Taylor, J. Allen, S. Franken

13u-4 Ocean Grove 3 vs St Mary’s 23 Best: T. McVilly, M. Casey, B. Broughton

13u-5 Ocean Grove 3 vs Queenscliff 20 Best: M. Maroulis, C. Harris, T. Horzitski

15u-3 Ocean Grove 23 vs Torquay 17 Best: M. Wilkins, L. Doyle, M. Carr

15u-4 Ocean Grove 3 vs St Mary’s 24 Best: team effort

All Abilities Ocean Grove played a great consistent game against Geelong West Blue

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