Soapie role for Keith

Soapie role for Keith

YOU might recognise Keith Purcell as a friendly waiter from a cafe on The Terrace who takes your coffee order or brings you your lunch.

Other days, this 16-year-old is in front of the camera shooting scenes for the TV show Neighbours.

Keith’s second appearance on the Aussie show aired last Thursday and he is back on set at the moment filming a new scene.

“I’m playing the character of Bryce, the school bully Jayden’s side kick,” Keith explained.

The Clifton Springs teen is anything but a villain in real life. Anyone who sees him working at the Driftwood Cafe in Ocean Grove knows him for his polite demeanor. “Bryce is a fun character to play. I made him a bit of a smart arse,” Keith added.

Keith has shot Coles commercials alongside Curtis Stone, played a pickpocketing boy in Underbelly’s Squizzy series and has featured in an array of short films.

In September, the budding actor is travelling to Los Angeles to meet casting directors. “It will be my second trip overseas and my first time to the States. I’m really excited,” he said.

Discovering his passion for acting five years ago, Keith started lessons here in Ocean Grove with Screen Actors Australia, ultimately leading him to his current professional representation with Melbourne talent agency Derrick Talent Management.

“My favorite actors include Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts and Emma Stone. The ultimate television show I would love to act in would be the Aussie show Puberty Blues, the UK show Misfits or the US show Parks and Recreation,” Keith told the Voice.

Any movie or show with a plot draws Keith close. The classic film Donnie Darko is one of his favourites along with the more recent movie Super 8.

“Film or television, it doesn’t bother me. Wherever I can get work is great. Who knows where it will take me,” Keith said.

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